Above & Beyond Service

ALADCO's Customer Service Department is here to make things easy and reliable for you. All of our competitors can supply you with linen, but when you sign up with ALADCO, you'll get much more than the basics. Here's how it works:

When our sales person first visits you, he or she will review your needs, help you select products and set up a delivery schedule. Unlike other companies, this won't be the last time you see our sales person. They'll be back to visit to make sure you're completely happy with our service, and if you are interested in any changes.

Our Customer Service Representatives manage  the day-to-day task of making sure your order is filled and delivered accurately and on time. Our computerized packing and inventory control assure the accuracy and quallity of your order.

Special Orders

In our business, a special order is where the rubber meets the road! Caterers are faced with different events each and every day. Restaurants often need more linen for holidays and banquets. Lodging facilities may get unexpectedly busy and need fresh linen right away.  At ALADCO, we go the extra mile to help our customers when they need something above and beyond the ordinary! Just call us, we'll do everything possible to get you what you need, when you need it.

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