Bed Linen Supplies

bedding_linen_suppliesALADCO provides quality bed linen service to numerous hotels and motels in Berkshire County, Southern Vermont, the Hartford/Springfield area and Mystic, CT.

We provide pillowcases and sheets in high quality 200 thread-count percale finish. Our sheets are available in all sizes from singles to kings, in quantities large or small. Our extra large (24” x 50”) 100% cotton luxury bath towels are just what discerning guests want, along with our other fine terrycloth products.

ALADCO’s Star Quality bed linen service is unsurpassed in providing the products you need to guarantee satisfaction every time the ALADCO truck stops at your hotel or motel.
ALADCO will launder and finish customer-owned spreads, blankets, comforters and bed pads.

Product Categories
• Sheets
• Pillowcases
• Bath Towels
• Hand Towels
• Wash Cloths
• Bath Mats